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Henry. W
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Henry. W
Hi Cookie, how are you doing ?
Today, I'm going to introduce you nice project from Polygon / Matic chain.

Maybe you can get the native token.
Hey , Henry.
I am doing fine.
Wow, that's sounds nice.
You mean Airdrop ?
Good , good.
what is it ?
Henry. W
The project is called "Symphony Finance"

I think you may like this project.
I like this simple and stylish UI design.
Hmm, I like that name !

Symphony Finance

about this project

Henry. W
Symphony Finance is a decentralized protocol, and has 3 big functions compared with other DEX project.

1. "Limit Order"
2. "Yield Generation"
3. "Stop-Loss"

You can also Unwrap your "W Matic" to "Matic" .

In this project, you can trade the following tokens.

Sounds really convienient.
I know the meaning of " Limit order", "Stop-Loss",
but what is "Yield Generation" ?
Henry. W
Good question.
I also didn't know about this.
Let's see this architecture with the following picture.
Henry. W
For the first time, it was difficult to understand about this.
But if you use it, you will know how it works.

I want you to know that if you creates an order, you can get 3 pairs of token.

For example, if you create an order to sell USDC for MATIC.
You will get the following token.

②USDC (Yield - which is the input token )
③Symphony Reward
Wow, that's nice.

I have a question.
How many people are in this team ?
Henry. W
2, right now.
2 ? Really ?
Henry. W
It's my personal impression.
I think if the starting member is more than 5, I would say it's a pretty big team.
You can check their Twitter account.
Henry. W
Oh and just to notice.
On 21st of October, the cumulative volume reached $5Million.
Just launched in September and reached in one month.
I think this is amazing.
$5 Million ? wow, that' nice.
So can you introduce me their Twitter account ?
Henry. W
Kakashi Sensei?
Henry. W
I think most of the Crypto developer likes Japanese Animation and Manga.
I am pretty sure that he wants to do " Multi shadow clone Jutsu".

For example. Do you know MaskNetwork ?
I think he was inspired by Ghost In the Shell.
What is MaskNetwork ?
Henry. W
I tell you in another day.
Can I follow them ?
Henry. W
Yes! If you have good idea or feedback, tell contact them!
Okay !

How to

Henry. W
Cookie, I will introduce you how to use Symphony Finace.
( `・∀・´)
Henry. W
Simple and Easy.

- Creating Order-

0. Access to Symphony Finance and connect your Metamask wallet.

1. Choose the input asset.

2. Choose the output asset.

3. Fill in the input amount.
Minimum trade size is $100.

4.Approve the input asset (in the case of ERC20 tokens).

5.Set the limit at "Rate".
If the price is above the limit the order will be filled.

6. Optionally you can also set the stop-loss.
If the price falls below it the order will be filled.

7. Click confirm on metamask to create the order.
Easy !
Henry. W
Yes but just to let you know.
This project is audited, but use at your own Risk.

It might be good idea to try from minimum amount to understand how it works.

Is there any Airdrop ?

Henry, I luv Airdrop.
Is the any Airdrop campaign from this project ?
Henry. W
You have some possibility to get native token.
Henry. W
Cechk this tweet
WOW ! Am I too late ?
Henry. W
Hmmm, I do not know.
If you want to know the latest NEWS about this project, I recommend you to follow the Twitter and join to Discord !

*No Telegram right now.

Official LINK

Henry. W
*This is not Financial Advice blog and I am not a financial adviser.
*Please do your own research before you join this project.